February 23, 2024

Eurecat presents MARBEL at the eMobility Expo & World Congress

Eurecat presents MARBEL at the eMobility Expo & World Congress

Eurecat, acting as the project’s coordinator, presented the MARBEL project in the eMobility Expo & World Congress celebrated from 13th – 15th of February in Valencia, Spain.

MARBEL was included in the Eurecat’s catalogue as one of the key European research and innovation projects in transport and mobility of the Technology Centre. In addition, during the congress, project materials were distributed to all attendees approaching Eurecat’s own booth.

Download the project materials here

The MARBEL project is developing an innovative and competitive lightweight battery with increased energy density and shorter recharging times with the objective to accelerate the mass market take-up of Electric Vehicles.

During the congress, Eurecat also presented the European project SELFY, coordinated by the centre and developing tools for a cyber secure and trustworthy Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility, together with BATTECH, a flagship centre designed to cover the whole of Southern Europe’s battery ecosystem R&D&I created by Eurecat and IREC, and H2CAT, the green hydrogen innovation network in Catalonia. 

The eMobility World Congress is an international conference providing the most relevant and influential platform for the future of mobility where attendants can present the latest insights about sustainable mobility and discuss about future challenges and trends of the sector.