CollaBAT Cluster

European cluster for the next generation and realisation of battery packs for BEV and PHEV

The MARBEL project is part of COLLABAT cluster (Collaborative Battery) which aims at virtually clustering independent R&D projects on electric battery system developments jointly addressing the technical scope areas of the LC-BAT-10 topic. Through the cluster, the main objective of COLLABAT is to achieve a higher level of impact beyond project level, contributing more strongly to the adoption of the next generation of electro mobility in Europe by 2030, in alignment with the targets and timeline defined in the ERTRAC electrification roadmap. 

The COLLABAT cluster’s project coordinators and dissemination managers trust that together, they will boost awareness regarding the research outcomes and promote technology transfer across relevant stakeholders, such as academia, vehicle OEMs and the entire Electric Vehicle’s battery supply chain. 

The cluster is comprised by four European projects: ALBATROSS, HELIOS, LIBERTY and MARBEL

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Cluster objectives



Advanced Light-weight BATteRy systems Optimized for fast charging, Safety, and Second-life applications

Development of an integrated approach based on smart batteries combined with lightweight designs. Using innovative cooling technologies, we will achieve pack temperature range 5-40°C. The project is addressing the needs of European Electric and Hybrid-Electric passenger vehicle market by overcoming driver concerns relating to battery range and anxiety, cost, long-term reliability and excessive charging times. 


High-pErformance moduLar battery packs for sustaInable urban electrOmobility Services

Integration of innovative circular designs, materials and technologies in the field of Li-ion batteries to improve the charging capabilities, overall performance and cost-effectiveness of electric battery packs used in a variety of electric vehicles. The HELIOS project aims at assessing the effectiveness, circularity and sustainability of urban mobility models that are based on the use of EV fleets, such as car-sharing and e-busses fleet.


Lightweight Battery System for Extended Range at Improved Safety

LIBERTY’s overall target is upgrading EV battery performance, safety and lifetime from a lifecycle and sustainability point of view. The key objectives of LIBERTY are to achieve a range of at least 500 km on a fully charged battery pack, halved charging times, an ultimate safe battery system, a long battery lifetime of over 300,000 km for first life, the ability to reuse the battery pack for second life applications and sustainability over the battery pack’s entire life cycle. 


Manufacturing and assembly of modular and reusable EVbattery for environment-friendly and lightweight mobility

Developing an innovative and competitive lightweight battery with the objective to accelerate the mass market take-up of electric and hybrid vehicles. The MARBEL project  focuses on the need for fast charging and long-lasting batteries to boost end-user demands, while applying high modularity and easy assembly and developing novel testing methodologies.