July 7, 2021

Eurecat brings MARBEL project to the BforPlanet Congress 2021

Eurecat brings MARBEL project to the BforPlanet Congress 2021

MARBEL project coordinator Eurecat has participated at the BforPlanet congress, a 2-day hybrid event which has been celebrated in Barcelona and online on 7th and 8th of July.

The brochure distributed by Eurecat during the congress included MARBEL as one of the key research and innovation projects in future mobility, sustainability and batteries development sector of the Centre.

MARBEL project focuses on the need for fast charging and long-lasting batteries to boost end-user demands, while applying high modularity and easy assembly and developing novel testing methodologies. The project is developing innovative and competitive lightweight batteries with increased energy density and shorter recharging times to accelerate the mass market take-up of electric vehicles.

Download the brochure here

BforPlanet is an international event for sustainability, bringing together international business leaders to discuss and propose solutions to the big challenges currently facing humanity in order to generate business opportunities, new markets and new jobs. This edition presents a program focusing on 5 thematic areas: Partnerships, Sustainable, Growth, Climate Action, Innovation and Social Inclusion.