Lightweight materials for Electric Vehicles

16th of March 2023, 11.30 – 13.00 CET, Online

The MARBEL project invites you to take part in our first webinar to present the research and developments being carried out regarding lightweight materials for electric vehicles (EVs). The use of novel lightweight materials is essential for lowering EVs cost and increase the battery lifespan, performance, and range, as lighter vehicles translate to less energy consumed. On the other hand, battery housings need to be very resistant, as the battery is the most sensitive, and at the same time, expensive component in an electric vehicle.

During the webinar, project partners will present advanced more sustainable metal materials being studied for Electric Vehicles, as well as welding and joining techniques to increase both the strength of light materials and the battery housing robustness. The concepts presented will include the results of materials simulation and the steps done for ensuring an eco-design of the battery housing, contributing to make electromobility solutions more affordable and sustainable.

Target audience
  • Undergraduate, graduate, or master students willing to learn about lightweight materials for EVs applications, reinforcement techniques and the steps of an ecodesign of a battery housing.
  • Researchers from universities or research centers specializing on metal materials for automotive applications and EV batteries.
  • Professionals from companies in the electromobility sector.
  • Members of other European projects.

Webinar materials

See below the recording and presentations delivered!

about the project
The MARBEL project is developing an innovative and competitive lightweight battery with increased energy density and shorter recharging times with the objective to accelerate the mass market take-up of electric vehicles. MARBEL focuses on the need for fast charging and long-lasting batteries to boost end-user demands, while applying high modularity and easy assembly and developing novel testing methodologies.
The main ambition of the project is to foster the acceptance and use of electric vehicles by solving two of the main critical points in consumer’s decision-making: limited vehicle autonomy and charging time, enabling travelling longer distances.


11.30 – Welcome & Introduction

Eduard Piqueras, MARBEL Coordinator, Eurecat

11.35 – MARBEL: tackling current and future challenges in the electromobility sector

Alberto Gómez, MARBEL technical coordinator, Eurecat

11.45 – Lightweight materials solutions for weight-optimised battery housings

Manel da Silva, researcher at the Metallic and Ceramic Unit, Eurecat

Christian Hannemann, researcher, Fraunhofer IWU

12.10 – Eco-design and simulation of the performance of lightweight materials

Toni Lara, researcher at the Product Innovation & Multiphysics Simulation Unit, Eurecat

Francisco Fernandez, researcher at the Product Innovation & Multiphysics Simulation Unit, Eurecat

12.25 – Welding and joining techniques for reinforcing materials

Magnus Eriksson, Senior Business Developer & Researcher, Materials and Nanotechnology, SINTEF

12.40 – Questions & Answers

Alberto Gómez, MARBEL technical coordinator, Eurecat

12.50 – Closing

Eduard Piqueras, MARBEL Coordinator, Eurecat