Methodologies for testing and validation of batteries

29th of November 2023, 10.00 – 12.00 CET, Online

The COLLABAT cluster, comprised by ALBATROSS, HELIOS, LIBERTY and MARBEL EU projects, held a webinar on methodologies for testing and validation of Electric Vehicles’ batteries

During the webinar speakers presented the latest developments and innovations beyond the state of the art in battery testing, from insights into aging, performance, and safety testing, cell testing for digital twin parameterization, to pioneering cell testing activities and modeling approaches. The event  concluded with a panel discussion uncovering common insights and lessons learned across cluster activities.

Target audience
  • Undergraduate, graduate, or master students willing to learn about methodologies for testing and validation of battery packs.
  • Researchers from universities or research centers specializing on testing components for automotive applications and EV batteries.
  • Professionals from companies in the electromobility sector (OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2).
  • Members of other European projects.
COLLABAT is a cluster of four European H2020 projects that were awarded with funding in the topic LC-BAT-10-2020 “Next generation and realisation of battery packs for BEV and PHEV”. This collaboration promotes important synergies to accelerate the development of this research and technological field towards a sustainable addition to European advanced manufacturing capabilities.


10.00 – Welcome & Introduction

Eduard Piqueras, MARBEL project Coordinator, Eurecat

10.10 – COLLABAT Cluster main developments & innovations on battery testing and validation

Moderator: Eduard Piqueras, MARBEL project Coordinator, Eurecat

  • Aging, performance and safety – developed test procedures, gained test results and the way of reporting them in LIBERTY
    • Christoph Breitfuß –Virtual Vehicle Research, LIBERTY
    •  Nick De Bie – Flanders Make, LIBERTY
  • Cell testing in HELIOS for parameterization of digital twins
    • Carlos Ziebert – KIT, HELIOS
  • Against all odds: cell testing activities in MARBEL and modelling approaches
  • ALBATROSS battery testing activities
11.00 – PANEL DISCUSSION: “Common points between the different projects and lessons learnt at CLUSTER level”

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Schweiger, THI, MARBEL


  • Christoph Breitfuß – Virtual Vehicle Research, LIBERTY
  • Nick De Bie – Flanders Make, LIBERTY
  • Carlos Ziebert – KIT, HELIOS
  • Daniel Koch – THI, MARBEL
  • Chris Allen – TWI, ALBATROSS
11.30 – Questions & Answers

Eduard Piqueras, MARBEL Coordinator, Eurecat

11.50 – Closing

Eduard Piqueras, MARBEL Coordinator, Eurecat