November 17, 2023

Disseminating MARBEL during the Battery Innovation Days 2023 with COLLABAT projects

Disseminating MARBEL during the Battery Innovation Days 2023 with COLLABAT projects

The MARBEL project was represented in the 3rd edition of the Battery Innovation Days, the annual conference on battery research and innovation, celebrated from 14 – 15 of November in Bordeaux, France.

During the event, MARBEL materials were included in the COLLABAT cluster’s booth, as a key European project manufacturing the next generation of battery packs with the objective to accelerate the mass market take-up of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Project partners Alfonso Bello from Eurecat; Lluís Trilla from IREC and Mar Folgueral, from the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI – CARISSMA), participated in the exhibition distributing project’s materials and engaged with representatives of other European projects in the area of electrification and batteries development.

Download the MARBEL promotional materials.

COLLABAT is a cluster of ALBATROSSHELIOSLIBERTY and MARBEL, four European H2020 projects that were awarded with funding in the topic LC-BAT-10-2020 “Next generation and realisation of battery packs for BEV and PHEV”. This collaboration promotes important synergies to accelerate the development of this research and technological field towards a sustainable addition to European advanced manufacturing capabilities.

The Battery Innovation Days is an event organised by the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA), Batteries Europe, IPCEI Batteries and BATTERY2030+, with the objective to foster dialogue among the research community, policy makers, industry players and end-users to ensure constructive feedback. The main goal of the event is to increase knowledge and encourage exchange around the deployment of leading-edge technologies in battery materials, cell design, manufacturing and recycling.